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Monographs and Reports

Fibre Emission While Handling Fibrocement and Friction Products 

INETI Study - Portugal
Comparative Analysis of the Life Cycle of AT Fibre-Cement and NT Fibre-Cement. 

Science and Decision Making: Should We Use Chrysotile Asbestos?
The health effects of chrysotile asbestos: contribution of science to risk management decisions 
Summary of scientific workshop. September 14-16, 1997, Professor Arthur Langer 

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) : Review of Fibre Toxicology (OELs), U.K., 1996 

Annals of Occupational Hygiene, AOH, Vol. 38, No. 4: Workshop on Health Risks Associated with Chrysotile Asbestos, St-Helier, Channel Islands, August 1994 - An Executive Summary 

International Programme on Chemical Safety: IPCS Environmental Health Criteria 151, Selected Synthetic Organic Fibres 1993 - An Executive Summary 

Health Effects Institute-Asbestos Research: Asbestos in public and commercial buildings: a literature review and synthesis of current knowledge - Executive Summary, HEI-AR, Cambridge, MA, 1991 

World Health Organization: WHO - Occupational Exposure Limit for Asbestos, Oxford 1989 - Executive Summary 

International Programme on Chemical Safety: Report of an IPCS Working Group on the Reduction of Asbestos in the Environment, Rome, Italy 1988 - Executive Summary 

Ontario Royal Commission on Asbestos: ORCA Background Briefing Notes 1 to 7, 1984

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