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Cimianto, Sociedade Ténica de Hidraulica, S.A. commissioned CENDES to study the life cycle of two different fibre-cement products:

- AT Fibre-cement: Fibre-cement containing Chrysotile asbestos fibres;
- NT Fibre-cement: Fibre-cement containing PVA (poly vinly alcohol) fibres.

This very interesting study entitled: Comparative Analysis of the Life Cycle of AT Fibre-Cement and NT Fibre-Cement, published in May 2004, once again demonstrates the superb qualities of chrysotile cement products compared to their substitutes. The study will be available below, should you wish to download the document or transmit to others.

To download the brochure, right-click the link below and select «Save (target) as...»

 26826_EN_INETI.pdf (.pdf 479kb)

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