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1. Introduction

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This document is a summary of a publication of the Chrysotile Institute entitled Safe Use of Chrysotile Asbestos: A Manual on Preventive and Control Measures. It is intended to provide an overview of the key elements of the preventive and control program that chrysotile asbestos product manufacturing should implement in order to ensure the protection of public and worker health and the general environment on a full product life cycle basics.

The approach outlined in this document builds on the principles of controlled-use embodied in ILO Convention 162, Safety in the Use of Asbestos, and embraces the philosophy of product stewardship. Simply put, companies intent on ensuring their future prosperity must be responsible and clean, not only in the factories where products are manufactured but throughout the product life cycle, including installation, repair, maintenance, removal and waste disposal.

Please note that the focus of this document is on the manufacture and use of modern-day products, in which the fibre is encapsulated in a cementitious or resinous matrix, including chrysotile-cement building construction and piping materials, brakelinings, gaskets, vinyl floor tiles, etc. Special procedures necessary to protect worker health when handling in-place friable insulation products are not addressed. Information on the latter can be obtained by writing to the Chrysotile Institute, 1002 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1750, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 3L6 (fax: (514) 844-1381).

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