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Authors: E Bagatin, JA Neder, LE Nery, M Terra, J Kavakama, A Castelo, V Capelozzi, A Sette, S Kitamura, M Favero, DC Moreira, R Tavares, C Peres, MR Becklake
Title: Non-malignant consequences of decreasing asbestos exposure in the Brazil chrysotile mines and mills
Full source: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2005, Vol 62, Iss 6, pp 381-389

The official policy of Canada on the « controlled use » of chrysotile asbestos leaves some anti-asbestos lobbies doubtful, claiming that for developing countries, controlled use is a mirage. The following recently published article shows that controlled use is realistic and has been achieved in Brazil by the progressive amelioration of the workplace safety measures, with the expected favourable consequences in terms of reduced health risks.

The authors conclude : « Progressive improvement in occupational hygiene in a developing country is likely to reduce the risk of non-malignant consequences of dust inhalation in asbestos miners and millers. »

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