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Safe use manual

Safe use of chrysotile asbestos manual  (Executive summary)

A manual on perspective and control measures

Developped by:The Chrysotile Institute (AI)
Quebec Asbestos Mining Association (QAMA)
SEPTEMBER 1993  (revised: 1998)


Table des matières

1. Introduction p.1
2. Chrysotile and health p.2-3-4
3. Commitment of Management p.5-6
4. The Basis of Chrysotile Regulations p.7-8
5. Dust control measures [...] p.9-10-11-12
6. Personal Protective Equipment p.13-14-15
7. Waste Disposal p.16-17
8. Installation and maintenance [...] p.18
9. Working with [C/C] friction materials p.19-20
10. Air Monitoring p.21-22
11. Medical Surveillance p.23
12. Worker Information and Training p.24

International Program on Chemical Safety
Rotterdam convention
Photo-reportage - Control in the manufacture and use of chrysotile cement
ILO Convention 162
ILO Recommendation 172

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